Are you looking for an inspirational speaker to ignite your teams performance? 

Your employees want their leaders to inspire, care and develop them. April teaches leaders how to cultivate positive infuence and inspire their team to win by teaching them how to A.C.T.

The power of story telling and real life examples inpsire us to belive we can acheive and do more. April will inspire your team through her positive energy and engageing stories.

It's not easy to get together especially if you manage a team remotley, however it is evssential to have programs that connect, develop and inspire. your teams form  afar. April has lead remote teams for over 20 years, and can facilitate engaging zoom calls.

“April and the team devised and facilitated a two day leadership training weekend retreat for the Essentially You management team. Throughout the planning and preparation process April’s attention to detail and commitment to understanding the functionality of our health care organization was outstanding. April demonstrated a depth and range of knowledge, skills and professionalism that were exemplary. Moreover, April was able to connect with the team in an engaging, thought provoking and encouraging manner, whereby enabling individuals to step out of their comfort zones and take risks. April applied effective communication techniques underpinned by a comprehensive understanding and delivery of the principles, tools and resources applicable to building and maintaining successful organizational leadership. I can confidently attest the Essentially You management team are without doubt better equipped to lead our organization through the next period of growth and development.”

- Maxine Fyffe-Roberts MSW, PgDip (Mgmt.), B.Sc
(Hons) in Social Work Founder/Clinical Director
Essentially you