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Meet April 

I have always had the gift of overcoming adversity and staying positive, it's just the way I am wired. 
This is why leaders call me when they need advice, coaching and inspiration. I have coached and mentored thousands of women to gain the skills, confidence and grow their income and career. 

April is a mum of two amazing humans, the CEO of her own company and Author of a book called "The Positive Effect," a certified John C. Maxwell Coach and a certified member of the World Association of Business Coaches. Throughout her career April has coached and mentored thousands of leaders into senior roles.

It's not easy being a women in a senior leadership role, as your responsibilities and expectations grow, so does the pressure you put on yourself. I know I have been there.
This is why after hundreds of conversations and coaching calls, I decided to launch my CIO membership to support your journey and teach you everything I know. WHY? Because I have been exactly where you are. Through my personal JOURNEY, I learned the skills required to rise and thrive in my own retail executive career. And I believe we need more women rising and thriving in business.

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 Have you ever thought of coaching? Think of me as your personal development coach 

Have you ever experienced a leader that developed you and brought out the best in you? This is what a GREAT personal leadership development coach does. When you lead others' it can be tough to stay objective and priotize your own development.
We all need someone to bounce idea's off and assist us figure out our greatest challenges. It could be as simple as getting you ready for an important meeting, a challenging boss relationship or  buidling your own development plan.
I have coached and developed thousands of leaders throughout my career. This experience is invaluable to my clients. 
Why not set up a 30-minute call to explore if this is right for you.

Learn how to live purposely and lead positively every day in "The Positive Effect".

A.C.T. leading with awareness is a simple practical formula that develops inclusive servant leaders when adopted. (Accept, Create and Teach). If you like my book, becoming a member is the next step to implement these strategies into your leadership and be the positive, inspiring leader your team needs you to be.

"Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you add value to the spaces and lives around you "  

                                                                       Page 154,  Anonymous

Hear from Aprils clients (and CIO's)

 "I started my own business in 2019 and the road to entrepreneurship brought forward many thoughts, feelings, fears as well as too many important decisions to make! I am so thankful to April and her coaching sessions for helping me through this period. She brought invaluable insight, guidance and comfort to this incredibly exciting and overwhelming time in my life. April is much more than a leader and mentor, and I am lucky to continue to have her as a professional contact. Many thanks April."

Lauren Shannon
Founder, Nexgen Immigration

"I had an amazing coaching experience with April, she helped me find answers and guided me through my professional challenges it was respectful, efficient and felt safe to exchange with her.
Thank you April. I am sure this course will help so many women."

Anais Lo Re, CRHA
HR Professional

 "I was able to define and articulate what was important to me, what success would look like, and some actions and ways of being that could be effective in realizing my objectives." 

Erika Reid CHRL
Director, HR Talent Mindshare

 "I had the privilege of working with April for my NeXpo event where she delivered a fantastic speech on leadership. Seen through the deliverance of her speech, she was confident, prepared, professional, passionate, and incredibly enthusiastic. If you get a chance to work with her or hear her deliver a speech, I recommend you doing so; you will surely not regret it!" 

    Gabriela Nejnec, Owner Nexpo events and Senior retail manager

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