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I have always had the gift of overcoming adversity and staying positive, it's just the way I am wired. 
This is why leaders call me when they need guidance, coaching and inspiration. 

My Mantra

"Be the type of energy that no matter where you go you add value to the spaces and lives around you."

Learn how to live purposely and lead positively every day in "The Positive Effect."

In this book, I introduce you to ACT, Leading with awareness.
ACCEPT, CREATE, TEACH are three pillars of leadership that have created inclusive cultures, developed leaders and high perfoming teams in my time as a retail executive.
Now after three decades I decided it was time to share my philosophy with the world, to inspire a new era of aware leaders. Leaders who add value to the spaces they enter and of those they lead.
When you become more aware of how others feel, you deepen your connections, strengthen your relationships and deliver higher results.
It just takes your willingness to A.C.T

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