Discover how training your managers to be positive coaches will increase your results within the next 90 days

April's three-step leadership framework is successfully proven over three decades of leading sales teams for companies such as Apple, Banana Republic, Holt Renfrew, Gap Starbucks and DAVIDSTEA 

"April has been pivitol in helping me identify my personal gaps as a leader. Noibu is a fast moving business and her extensive experience has allowed me to level up my skills and stay ahead of the gaps, as well as train our first time managers the coaching skills necessary to improve team moral and results."

Kailin Noivu
CEO, Noibu, named the fastest growing software company in Canada

"Having April coach and train our L’Oréal Professionnel Artists at our kick off training for the year was a perfect way to inspire the inspirational. The impact of this customized training she provided really met our team exactly where they were with an interactive training focused on training trainers. Our team has taken away so many great learns from the ACT workshop. They are focused on ROE (Return On Expectations) and in a service driven industry like beauty this is a game changer for us"

Victoria Usher
Assistant Vice President of Training for L’Oréal Professionnel USA

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Average companies focus on developing product, technology and creative marketing stratagies to improve sales and reduce cost.

Winning companies think differently, they focus on people.
Your team want to do a great job, they just need to learn how.

"Leadership is not a title it is the influence you have to accomplish your goals"
                                                                                        April  Sabral

Working with April's proven framework, your managers will;

 Improve communication and foster inclusivity

Your managers and team members will learn how to create a positive culture and build teamwork by developing positive influence, communication and coaching skills. Your results are are only as good as your teams collaboration and desire to win

Take ownership and accountability

Your managers will learn how to manage stress and release limiting beliefs that are holding them selves and the team back, while approaching setbacks in a positive way so that they can execute and deliver on the company expectations

Know how to Coach

By investing in the development of your leaders, you empower them to create a supportive and motivating work environment. As a result, employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated, leading to improved productivity, higher job satisfaction, and reduced turnover

"April and the team facilitated a two day leadership training weekend retreat for the Essentially You management team. Throughout the planning and preparation process April’s attention to detail and commitment to understanding the functionality of our health care organization was outstanding. April demonstrated a depth and range of knowledge, skills and professionalism that were exemplary. Moreover, April was able to connect with the team in an engaging, thought provoking and encouraging manner, whereby enabling individuals to step out of their comfort zones and take risks. I can confidently attest the Essentially You management team are without doubt better equipped to lead our organization through the next period of growth and development."

Maxine Fyffe
Principle and Owner, Essentially You

Benefits, you will experience after working with April and her team

Improved Retention and  Engagement in the Team

Your hiring costs will lower when your managers learn ways to inspire and motivate their team igniting a positive culture where people are happy and are focused on achieving the company goals

Improved Results and Operational excellence

Your companies results will increase because you managers will know how to consistently  execute the companies objectives and hold themselves and their team accountable

Happy Customers that Tell Everybody

Word of mouth is your silent seller when your employees feel good about their leader it transfers into the results of the company. Customers feel this energy and tell other customers

By investing in a leadership workshop for your managers, you prioritize their professional growth, foster collaboration and team building, and drive organizational alignment. These benefits not only enhance the skills and effectiveness of your managers but also contribute to a positive work environment and improved business outcomes.

 Here's how it works;


Your Managers will be immersed in a highly interactive workshop lead by April and her team, all activities are developed to engage your managers in thought provoking self discovery

VIRTUAL COACHING groups and/or one-on-one

Your managers will receive group virtual coaching once the workshop has been delivered to ensure that the learning sticks and is integrated


Your managers will be given resources such as; scripts, conversation starters, coaching pocket tool, ACT self discovery questioning card, workbook and much much more

Who is this training for?

  • Managers who lead a team, and are accountable for their teams results
  • Managers who are responsible for hiring, coaching and developing talent
  • Fast growing companies that are adding first time managers at a rapid pace
  • Fast growing companies that want to establish a positive culture that ignites postive results
  • Established companies who want to up-level existing managers to improve sales results 
  • Established companies who want to improve the culture of their team and ignite positive results
  • Leaders of leaders; Director and Middle Managers who can benefit by improving their leadership skills

It is rare to find an individual like April who is both equally talented as both a trainer facilitator and program designer. When an organization makes a decision to bring someone from the outside to both design and facilitate it could be challenging as this person needs to quickly understand the organization needs. This was not a challenge for April as she immediately connected with everyone who she met within our organization, efficiently figured out our goals and delivered an outstanding training program. The program April designed made a positive first impression on the day of delivery to our teams and we have seen the impact from this training within our organization in the days that have followed. I would highly recommend April to any organization looking both someone to design and facilitate a training program on leadership development/customer service where I know April can provide her expertise.

Heather Saba
Director of Volunteers, Habitat for Humanity

"I love developing leaders because it is one of the most cost effective ways to positively impact a business"
                     ...April Sabral

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