Meet April Sabral

April Sabral served as a senior executive and has worked in retail for over 30 years, leading sales and operations teams on three continents, including the UK, USA, and CANADA working for brands such as; Paul Smith, Apple, Starbucks, Gap, Banana Republic, Holt Renfrew, Laura Canada, Armani Exchange, and DAVIDsTEA. Working her way up after being kicked out of home at 17 from a PT sales job to a Senior Vice President of 300 stores.
FUN FACT: April put the name on the cup back in 2000 as a Starbucks Manager, she has always created positive change that rippled throughout organizations which she attributes to her success.

In 2018, April decided to take all of her expertise and experience and founded an online on-demand leadership development portal for field leaders. retailu develops leadership competencies through micro-sized learning modules and practical activities that store teams can integrate into their week to develop the necessary skills for leading people. Read reviews HERE.

She then went on to study and achieved multiple coaching certifications, such as John C. Maxwell, The World Association of business coaching, and is now a member of the Forbes coaching council. She was named one of the emerging leaders to look out for in the Marques Who's Who directory in 2019.
Following this April wrote her first book and launched April Sabral leadership, introducing leadership tools such as self-coaching cards and a self-development workbook to accompany her book 'The Positive Effect". April now coaches, speaks and facilitates sessions on leadership, specifically the power of positive leadership. In 2023 April was named one of the top retail influencers by RETHINK retail in 2022 and 2023, a global media organization and is often asked for her perspective on retail stores, trends and the power of positive leadership.

April is currently studying her bachelors in Metaphysics with the University of Sedona.

"I grew up in the UK with American Hippie parents, that ownerd an antique store, I guess I was destined to work in retail"

The Positive Effect, is April's first book....

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April is now training this book as a workshop at organizations. Clients include Jimmy Choo, L'oreal Professional, and Victoria's Secret International, to name a few.

The Positive effect is now Listed in the executive Library as a recommened read for Forbes Councils.

April's newest book launched...March 2023 and is now available on Amazon.
"Incurable Positivity" READ reviews HERE

"As a student of metaphysics AKA universal laws of cause and effect, I am always asked how am I so positive, this book will share the 7 steps to hold a mindset that will support people overcome their negative mind and thoughts that are holding them back.
My secret sauce of success was based on being able to lead this way and coach to the power of positivity to manifest positive winning results."

Latest Press Featured

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YouTube Channel

April has interviewed over 50 retail executives on this fun engaging LinkedIn Live Broadcast. We talk shop, career and the positive effect of leadership and why this matters, now more than ever.
Here are two episodes as an example of how April inspires through her positive energy and expertese in the retail industry.
Over 28 million people work in the retail industry, however it is still not viewed as an educated career.
Retail teaches people management skills and how to lead sometimes millions of dollars of business.