Managing People is HARD... oops I mean a SKILL
This virtual workshop is based on my book, The Positive Effect and In-person Workshops
It is designed to develop your positive leadership skills so that you can build a high performance team and deliver exceptional results

"April has been pivitol in helping me identify my personal gaps as a leader. Noibu is a fast moving business and her extensive experience has allowed me to level up my skills and stay ahead of the gaps, along with teaching our people leaders to be better coaches"

Kailin Noivu
CEO & Founder Noibu
Noibu is the fastest growing tech SAS company in Canada.

My Clients include, L'Oreal Professional, Jimmy Choo, Bank of China, Victoria's Secret, Noibu,  and StoreForce to name a few
This leadership methodology is designed to develop managers who lead a team 
Whether you are in a corporate role, field leadership role, or own a business 
If you lead people ACT will change the way your people feel about working for you which in turn will transform your results
Managers who have taken this workshop are raving about it

Here's how it works;
Apply and schedule your discovery call to see if this is right for you
Make the payment prior to start date $579 *
payment plan available
You will then be notified of your cohort start date

We are currently booking for August and September
Do you want to book this for your team? You must have a minimum of eight leaders

What's Included in this intimate leadership workshop?

  • You'll get a copy of The Live Purposely Lead Positively workbook and The Positive Effect Book in hard copy mailed to you
  • Access to a private Marco Polo coaching group
  • Live Weekly Zoom Coaching Call with April - This will happen Monday or Wednesday Evenings 7.30 pm, (90 Minutes) it is important you attend - Your commitment is your word
  • This is Limited to a maximum of 15 attendees, the reason for this is so that the group stays intimate and you have the opportunity to share in the live group sessions and receive coaching
  • One 30 minute coaching call with April to get lazer focused on your personal goals *included

Why should you sign up for this Workshop Series?
Working with April you will learn how to...

Stop stressing and feeling overwhelmed

You will gain time back in your calendar by learning how to develop your team members and leverage the talent on your team.
High performers plan and prepare so that they can execute effectively.

Create positive outcomes easily

You will learn how your behaviour and thoughts actually create the success of you and your team, and how to change them to deliver exceptional results while having fun doing it.

Start developing a team you are proud of

You will learn techniques of coaching that will engage your team to do more than what's expected.
You will also leave with a clear development plan and the skills to create these for others.

Why do I need to apply?
Because we want to match you with the right cohort group and make sure this is exactly what you need

Who is this for?

  • People Managers who are ready to become a magnet for everything positive and achieve greater success this year 
  • People Managers who want to improve how they manage their team 
  • People Managers who want to build deeper, more connected relationships at work and learn how develop their team 
  • People Managers who believe in the power of positive energy and want improved discipline and focus to leverage this 
  • People Managers who want a small group of like-minded leaders to network, be coached and grow with
  • People Managers who want to learn how to manage their time effectively 
  • People Managers who are seeking professional and personal development virtually and want more coaching than they currently receive in their job

How much does this cost? $579

 "I was able to define and articulate what was important to me, what success would look like, and some actions and ways of being that could be effective in realizing my objectives." 

Erika Reid CHRL
Chief People Officer, Human Resources, Canada

If you're asking "Is this right for me" in your head right now?
Set up a call we'd be happy to discuss ⤵️


I've been committed to daily meditation practices and a student of metaphysics for over 15 years
Why does this matter?
It impacts the way I coach

I will catch and coach your limiting language and beliefs so that you can transform your career and life to what you truly want; believe it or not how you talk and think matters and it effects everyone around you

My first hand experience will support you achieve BIGGER goals with less effort and less stress
I will support you hold a positive mindset and energy that will get the results you want faster
I have worked at influencing positive outcomes with teams my entire life, it was not an accident I advanced my career from a part time sales person to a Senior Vice President of 250 retail stores to entrepeneur

I believe you can achieve this and more...with my coaching, support and leadership


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

April will be facilitating weekly four 90-minute group coaching calls and provide guidance and coaching on Leadership and Building Positivie Leadership Skills. April will also schedule one 15-minute coaching during the four weeks mastermind. 

This is a 30 day virtual leadership workshop led by April Sabral, included are a digital workbook, four live zoom calls, digital coaching cards and a PDF copy of The Positive Effect. And a private community page where April can answer questions to all particapnts.

Your negative thoughts are a part of who you are, we can not guarantee removing negative thoughts and beliefs completely nobody can, even April still has negative thoughts however April can move past them faster than anyone we know, as she has been practicing the methods you will learn in this mastermind for over twenty years and has been able to teach others how to do the same. She will give you practical ways to hold onto a positive mental attitude even when you are not feeling good. Being positive in your mental attitude is the basis of all transformation.
Also you will be developed with the right skills to approach your team in the right way, causing less anxiety in you when it comes to coaching and providing honest crital feedback. You will have more confidence managing people.