April Sabral's  PLAN method

PLAN is an established process designed to move you into right action 

I have coached and developed thousands of leaders throughout my career.
Here's what I have learned, if you are not clear on where you are going and what skills you need to get there, you won't reach your desired destination.

Leaders are often provided with direct feedback; this feedback is based on how strong your leader is. Feedback is essential and will support your development. 

Still, it is only one piece of your development, and as I said, it is in the eyes of the beholder.

More importantly, I believe in being self-aware, identifying your own gaps, and then owning your PLAN to develop the necessary skills. Someone once told me, "If you are waiting for someone else to put a plan in place for your growth, you will be waiting forever." If you do this, your career and life is in the hands of someone else.

Your leadership can make or break your business, whether you are an entrepenur that is scaling quickly, or a leader in an organization, how you lead will determine your results, retention of your team and attracting top talent.

Not sure what is right for you?

"April has been pivitol in helping me identify my personal gaps as a leader. Noibu is a fast moving buisness and extensive experience has allowed me to level up my skills and stay ahead of the gaps."

Kailin Noivo
CRO noibu

""Aprils development session with me was a game changer. She used relatable tools to help me create my own development plan. In talking with her, I was able to reflect on my journey as a leader and assess my opportunities fully. By letting me take control of my own development. April made me felt empowered and ready to accomplish my career goals!".

Haygen Brice -Walker
Multi-Site Retail
 "I had the opportunity to have a development planning session with April to set my career goals for the year. Prep work included a self-appraisal alongside determining my top two competencies to plan to develop. In the past, development plans I have written were general, high-level, and geared toward end results. When I came to the meeting with April, at first I felt woefully unprepared, despite hours of self-assessment and research. This was a different kind of development plan; focused on the specific actions I’d be taking along the way to get me to my goal. April asked excellent questions to get to the root of my need for development, and simplified the process while encouraging me to dig deep into my daily processes and habits. This allowed me to establish a clear path forward to act immediately and consistently on my development plan, rather than simply writing something down to think about from time to time. I am already seeing progress in myself that I hadn’t thought entirely possible in such a short span of time. All because April took the time to listen, ask questions, and encourage me in my own development.."

Amanda Howard
Area Manager

 "I was able to define and articulate what was important to me, what success would look like, and some actions and ways of being that could be effective in realizing my objectives." 

Erika Reid CHRL
Chief People Officer, HR Talent Mindshare

"I had an amazing coaching experience with April, she helped me find answers and guided me through my professional challenges it was respectful, efficient and felt safe to exchange with her. 
Thank you April. I am sure this course will help so many women."

Anais Lo Re, CRHA
HR Professional

 "I had the privilege of working with April for my NeXpo event where she delivered a fantastic speech on leadership. Seen through the deliverance of her speech, she was confident, prepared, professional, passionate, and incredibly enthusiastic. If you get a chance to work with her or hear her deliver a speech, I recommend you doing so; you will surely not regret it!" 

    Gabriela Nejnec, Owner Nexpo events and Senior retail manager

    I hold the following accreditations in Coaching and Leadership, and was named one of rethink retails Top Retail Influencers for 2022