What is Coaching?

Coaching is a transformative journey, guiding you from awareness to acceptance and inspiring aligned action. Through a process of discovery and discussion, resulting in performance improvement.  

Are your goals just out of reach, no matter how hard you work? Do limiting beliefs and self-doubt hold you back from achieving the success you deserve in your career, relationships, and finances?  You are one thought away from shifting your life.

It's time to take control of your life and break free from the barriers that are holding you back.  I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey towards success and fulfillment. With over 15 years of dedicated daily meditation and metaphysical practice, I've honed a unique coaching approach that will help you tap into the incredible power of your own mind.  

Why choose me as your mindset coach?
Holistic Approach: My coaching blends mindfulness and metaphysics to transform your mindset, fast-tracking your success with less stress.  

Positivity is Power: Embrace positivity and watch your life elevate.

To get started on your journey to shifting your mindset, I recommend reading Incurable Positivity, it is filled with practical tips and strategies to shift you from negative to positive fast.

Incurable Positivity: Shift Negative to Positive Thinking in Just Seven Days 
Break free from negative thought patterns and ignite a lasting positivity within you.

Science of Positivity: Uncover the science behind a positive mindset.
Identify Negativity: Learn to challenge and overcome negative thinking.
Seven-Day Transformation: Follow a practical seven-day plan to rewire your brain.
Resilience Building: Develop resilience to face challenges confidently.
Real-Life Success: Be inspired by real stories of transformation.

To see if Coaching is right for you, schedule a call below

"April has been pivitol in helping me identify my personal gaps as a leader. Noibu is a fast moving buisness and extensive experience has allowed me to level up my skills and stay ahead of the gaps."

Kailin Noivo
CRO noibu

""Aprils development session with me was a game changer. She used relatable tools to help me create my own development plan. In talking with her, I was able to reflect on my journey as a leader and assess my opportunities fully. By letting me take control of my own development. April made me felt empowered and ready to accomplish my career goals!".

Haygen Brice -Walker
Multi-Site Retail

 "I was able to define and articulate what was important to me, what success would look like, and some actions and ways of being that could be effective in realizing my objectives." 

Erika Reid CHRL
Chief People Officer, HR Talent Mindshare

"I had an amazing coaching experience with April, she helped me find answers and guided me through my professional challenges it was respectful, efficient and felt safe to exchange with her. 
Thank you April. I am sure this course will help so many women."

Anais Lo Re, CRHA
HR Professional

 "I had the privilege of working with April for my NeXpo event where she delivered a fantastic speech on leadership. Seen through the deliverance of her speech, she was confident, prepared, professional, passionate, and incredibly enthusiastic. If you get a chance to work with her or hear her deliver a speech, I recommend you doing so; you will surely not regret it!" 

    Gabriela Nejnec, Owner Nexpo events and Senior retail manager

    I hold the following accreditations in Coaching and was named one of rethink retails Top Retail Influencers for 2022/2023