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At last a leadership card game that's fun and changes behaviours.
If you could ignite positive emotions in your team and develop their leadership skills, your team would be unstoppable. Developing yourself and others starts with a commitment to grow, develop and having the right tools.

Leading others can be difficult, this card game will develop your positive leadership skills and teach you how to create meaningful conversations with your team.

ACT (Accept, Create, Teach) is a leadership methodology introduced in my book "The Positive Effect" it teaches leaders how to have a positive effect on thier team and business to improving results, lowering turnover and igniting higher levels of performance.

Whats' included.

  • 50 cards to challenge and inspire you.
  • Conversation starters, thought provokers, and questions that will create meaningful conversations with your team.
  • Devided into four parts, "leading others", "leading yourself," "daily thoughts to consider" and "daily tasks".
  • Segmented into ACCEPT< CREATE < TEACH leadership pillars.
  • Skill building statements that challenge biases, judgements and bring you to a place of neutral.
  • A carry pouch screen printed making them easy to carry with you.
  • Quotes, questions and activites for you to complete.
  • Self reflective questions that will make you think about how you lead.

"I want to high-five you firstly for investing in yourself and most importantly thank you for trusting me with your personal development".
April Sabral

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Product specs: Size of card 3.5in x 2.5in, pouch 3.5 in x 5.5in. Plastic coated for wear and tear. Suede feel drawstring pouch is screen printed for durability.