This workbook is a self-development tool for leaders and anyone who wants to understand how they impact others. The Positive Effect, introduced us to ACT, leading with awareness; in this workbook, I takes you through 15 personal challenges/activities that will develop your leadership skills and help you lead with more awareness.
Here's what you will learn after going through this workbook.
A heightened awareness of how you influence/impact those around you through your communication. Great leaders are sefl-aware of how their communication imapcts others, and then tailor it to match the person they lead.

Here's what you wil learn in the workbook.

  • How to be lead mindfully. 
  • How to remove biases from your leadership and stop making assumptions. 
  • How to get your mind right and direct your thoughts to create more of what you want. 
  • How to manage the moment and stop bringing the past into your current situations. 
  • How to be a mentor. 
  • How to use positive affirmations in your leadership. 
  • How to envision what you want to achieve. 
  • How to Accept, Create and Teach. 
  • How to live purposely and lead positively.

I have led and developed thousands of leaders in my time as a retail leader, and now a coach and mentor to many.  I help you develop your leadership skills with a practical approach to leading with my "ACT "methodology in this workbook.
This is meant to be used as a self-discovery tool or a team challenge guide. Whether you lead a large team or want to improve your leadership skills, this workbook will help you become aware of what holds you and your team back.
Get ready to make your leadership count.


A deck of 50 leadership cards that will inspire you daily. A deck of inspiration is designed in four catogories.

  • Leading others: Use these cards to inspire you to lead your team positively. 
  • Leading myself. Use these cards to reflect on your personal approach to leadership, you need to lead yourself well before you lead others well.
  • Thoughts to consider. 
  • Today's Task.