Launching Spring 2022
The Positive Effect Mastermind Series

I am so excited to launch my mini mastermind series for busy on the go leaders.
In this combination of live virtual group zooms and mastermind style video lessons you will be taken on a self-discovery journey to lead with more awareness than ever before.
Along with this course you will receive a self discovery journal with daily activites to challenge you to ACT.
Accept, Create, Teach.

We have partnered with Sarah Hauch, to bring CREATE to life, Sarah teaches you how to introduce mindfulness into your leadership. Sarah teaches leaders how to use thier mind to get more of what they want and enhance their well being in the workplace.

Sarah Hauch created the first fully rounded corporate wellness program Well From Within, in 2003 that rolled out nationally at EH Price. Through this, Sarah found her passion for wellness, meditation and assisting business leaders to be their best selves. Sarah was a meditation teacher at Linkedin, authored her first book, and owns her very own wellness center in Winnipeg. Sarah now speaks and coaches companies on the benefits of wellness programs and introduces practical ways to mprove overall performance and productivity.  

We believe every leader should feel encouraged to bring their true self to work.
However, in most corporate companies this is exactly the opposite of how most leaders and teams function.
WHY? Because this requires vulnerability and a level of honesty.
What if disagreeing in meetings was normalized in a positve way?
What if everyone is given a voice at the table?
What if leaders were foscued on the well bineg of their team and used their mind positively?
Well guess what you can create this in your orgnanization with some help from the A.C.T leadership methodology and me and Sarah as your coaches.
ACT does not aim to change you, it aims to inspire and ignite your ability to connect on a deeper level by teaching you how to accept, create and then teach. 
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Now is the time to ACT and lead with awareness


1. Face Reality
2. Nix Judegment - see the good
3. Approach setbacks in a positive way
4. Check your bias - stay neutral
5. Stay present - manage the moment


1. Be responsible for what you think
2. Be accountbale for your time
3. Envision the bigger picture
4. Be open, let go of ego
5. Be mindful of others


1. Be a student of life
2. Be intentional about developing skills
3. Be open to hear other's views and expertise
4. Give back to your team through mentorship
5. Be the teacher not the manager

Thinking about developing your team?
Not every team and company is the same, that's why I work with you to design and customize a workshopthat fits your needs.
Hear what my clients have to say below.

It is rare to find an individual like April who is both equally talented as both a trainer facilitator and program designer. When an organization makes a decision to bring someone from the outside to both design and facilitate it could be challenging as this person needs to quickly understand the organization needs. This was not a challenge for April as she immediately connected with everyone who she met within our organization, efficiently figured out our goals and delivered an outstanding Customer Service training program. The program April designed made a positive first impression on the day of delivery to our teams and we have seen the impact from this training within our organization in the days that have followed. I would highly recommend April to any organization looking both someone to design and facilitate a training program on leadership development/customer service where I know April can provide her expertise.

Heather Saba
Director of Volunteers, Habitat for Humanity

April and the team devised and facilitated a two day leadership training weekend retreat for the Essentially You management team. Throughout the planning and preparation process April’s attention to detail and commitment to understanding the functionality of our health care organization was outstanding. April demonstrated a depth and range of knowledge, skills and professionalism that were exemplary. Moreover, April was able to connect with the team in an engaging, thought provoking and encouraging manner, whereby enabling individuals to step out of their comfort zones and take risks. April applied effective communication techniques underpinned by a comprehensive understanding and delivery of the principles, tools and resources applicable to building and maintaining successful organizational leadership. I can confidently attest the Essentially You management team are without doubt better equipped to lead our organization through the next period of growth and development.

Maxine Fyffe-Roberts MSW, PgDip (Mgmt.), B.Sc (Hons) in Social Work Founder/Clinical Director Essentially you