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April started her career as a part-time sales associate, having moved out of home at 16. She worked her way through the ranks with over 30 years in the retail industry. Working for brands such as; Starbucks, Gap, Apple, Holt Renfrew, Paul Smith, culminating as a Vice President of a national retail chain in North America of 250 stores. This was all without formal education. What does she attribute this to? Aged 19, April discovered her passion for personal development after meeting Starbucks' CEO, Howard Shultz, during a store visit and was inspired to read his book "Pour your heart into it."

"I fell in love with learning, not in the traditional sense of school but reading and learning from the greatest thought leaders like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ernest Holmes, John C. Maxwell, Brendon Burchard, and too many more to mention. I love self-development. If you want to reach mastery in life, you need to go deep, study the topic, and then apply/practice building your skills in real life. I have studied human behavior, mindset, and all aspects of leadership. Working with people for over 25 years, I attribute my success to investing in myself. Experience will only get you so far. When leaders become better leaders, it profoundly affects business results.The positive effect of inspiring leadership is underestimated, in my opinion, but to be an inspiring leader, you need to be continually learning and growing, and passing it on."


April is also the Founder & President of retailu elearning Inc, an online education platform for retail leaders, and Hospitalityu, an online education platform for leaders in the hospitality Industry. April is also a certified John C. Maxwell Coach and traininer, a Certified Corporate Coach WABC, a member of Forbes Coaching Council and named one of reThink retails list of TOP RETAIL influencers for 2022 and 2023. April is also an initiate of the modern mystery school.
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